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YADOYA Guesthouse FAQ

Facility (Internet, Locker, Kitchen etc.)

1-1 Do you have Internet facilities?
Wi-Fi is available for free.
1-2 Do you have lockers?
Lockers are available in the dormitories, but you need to bring your own padlock. If you don’t have a padlock it’s possible to buy one at the reception.
1-3 Do you have a kitchen?

In YADOYA Guesthouse Green, the kitchen can be used at anytime. There are pots, pans, dishes, cups, rice cooker, toaster, microwave, fridge and other kitchen utilities that are available.

In YADOYA Guesthouse Orange, there is no kitchen however we do have a microwave, electric kettle, fridge, and dishes in the common area that are available to you.

1-4 Do you have a laundry machine?
No, we don’t have a laundry machine or a dryer, but there are some coin-laundries located very close to both YADOYA Guesthouse Orange and YADOYA Guesthouse Green.
1-5 Do you have a car parking lot?
We don’t have a car parking lot, but there are toll car parking lots nearby.
1-6 Do you have bicycle or motorbike parking lot?
Yes, we do. Please ask us when you book. It`s free of charge to park your bike and 500yen/night for a motorbike.
1-7 Do you have air-conditioning?
Yes, there is free air-conditioning in every room.
1-8 Do you have bed sheets for rent?
We will lend you bed sheets when you check-in. If you wish to change your bed sheets during your stay, it costs 200 each time.
1-9 Is there a public phone in the guesthouse?
There is no public phone in the guesthouse, however one can be found outside.
1-10 Are there outlets in the room?
There are outlets in both dorms and private rooms. Every bed in the dormitories has its own outlet. The outlets all have a voltage of 110v.
If you are in need of an adapter you can buy one at the reception. We sell many different types.
1-11 Are there towels available for rent?
Towels can be rented for 200yen/towel.
1-12 Do you provide shampoo, body soap?
In YADOYA Guesthouse Orange, We have shampoo, body soap in the shower room for guest use.
In YADOYA Guesthouse Green, We have shampoo, body soap for sale at reception. It costs 30yen for each.
1-13 Do you provide other amenities?
In YADOYA Guesthouse Orange, there`s also make-up remover, skin lotion, manicure for nails, Nail-enamel remover, and cotton pads available for guest in the female dormitory.

2. Booking of our guesthouse

2-1 Is there a deposit needed to be paid before arriving at the hostel?
We don`t charge anything in advance if you book from our website. However, if you`re booking from another site such as Hostelworld, Expedia etc, you must abide by their rules. The previous sites mentioned usually include a non-refundable booking fee.
Q2-2 How do group workings work at YADOYA Guesthouse?
Since we’re a small guesthouse, groups of 5 people or more are considered group booking. We ask you that you pay a 30% non-refundable deposit in advance to secure the room or beds for group booking. The remaining balance is paid at the reception upon your check-in date.
2-3 Do you charge for cancellation?
The cancellation policy is as follows:
*In case of a no show: the booking should be paid in its entirety
*On the day of arrival: 100% of first night and 50% of second night
*24hours prior to check in date: 50% of first night
The time that cancellation are made is based on local time in Tokyo.
2-4 Do you accept infant or child / Do you charge for them?
We accept children:
0-10 years old: can stay only in private room.
10-15 years old: can stay in dorm room with their parents/protector.
We do not charge for children under 3 years old if they sleep in the same bed with their parents.
However, we charge 700yen/night extra for children 4-10 years old that are sharing a bed with their parents.
We charge the regular rate if you wish to book a private room for your child. Children staying the dorm room are charged same as an adult.

3. Staying at our guesthouse (Curfew, Number of the shared rooms, Deposit etc.)

3-1 When is the check-in and check-out time?
In YADOYA Guesthouse Green, the check-in time is from 14:00 until 22:00.
In YADOYA Guesthouse Orange, the check-in time is from 15:00 until 22:00.

It`s also possible to do a late check-in, in case of your flight schedule or other reasons. If this service is needed, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mail or by phone. We only provide the late check-in until a certain time.

Check-out time is until 11:00 am.

3-2 When is the curfew time?
There is no curfew time after you check in. (You will have key for the entrance)
Please respect other guests and keep quiet when you return to your room late at night.
3-3 Is the key deposit fee refundable?
The key deposit is refundable upon returning your key when you check out.
3-4 Do you accept Credit Card, or Debit?
Unfortunately, we only accept payment in cash (Japanese yen) only.
There are ATMS located very close to both YADOYA Guesthouse Green and YADOYA Guesthouse Orange.
3-5 Are there shops nearby?
Across the street from YADOYA Guesthouse Green is a 24-hour convenient store (7-Eleven). There`s also supermarket next door that`s open from 10a.m. to 8p.m.
Near YADOYA Guesthouse Orange there is a supermarket and Nakano Broadway, where you can find a lot of shops and places to eat and drink.
3-6 Do you have a luggage storage service?
Luggage storage is free on the day that you check-in, and on the day that you check-out until 22:00.
On the other days, luggage storage is 200 yen/night/luggage.

4. Other questions

4-1 Where can I get a map of Tokyo or Nakano?
We provide free maps of Tokyo in English, Japanese, and other languages. You can get them at the reception.
We also have our YADO⭐︎MAP of Nakano that is full of local information! The YADO⭐︎MAP can also be found at the reception or you can download it here.
4-2 Is there a discount for prolonged stays at Yadoya?
There is no discount at the Yadoya Guesthouses. .
However, we do have shared houses, which can be used for longer stays in Tokyo. Please check in with us about them if you`re interested in staying long term in Tokyo with low budget.
YADOYA Guesthouse: http://www.cheap-accommodation-tokyo.com/
4-3 Can I receive a letter at your Guesthouse?
Please make sure to have your name after YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers if someone is sending you mail. Also let us know that there will be mail for you in advance.
4-4 Do you provide meals?
No, we don't.
If you are staying in YADOYA Guesthouse Green, you can cook in the kitchen or there are many reasonable priced restaurants in the Nakano area.
The YADO⭐︎MAP can provide you with lots of information about cheap yet tasty restaurants to eat out at! Once again, YADO⭐︎MAP can be found at the reception.
There are also some vegetarian restaurants or vegan bar in Nakano so rest easy if meat is off the diet but you still feel like going out!
4-5 Can I ask YADOYA to buy me a ticket for an event or make a reservation before my arrival?
Yes, this is an option for our guests sometimes. Please send us email with your request. We ask that you pay a small commission (200~500yen/ticket) if you choose to do this. We are committed to making your stay in Tokyo as smooth as possible, so please feel free to ask.
4-6 Do you have any events or activities?
Currently, we host a dinner party every Tuesday with a different dish every week. For 500 yen you can have one plate of the night’s dish. Also we have movie night, sakura hanami party, one day trip, Nakano pub craw, sento experience, ect.  (Please check our Facebook Fan page for more events.)
4-7 It’s my first time in Japan; can you help make this a memorable stay?

We are happy to help you with anything you need during your stay in Tokyo. So please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff for help!