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As you see on the homepage, Tanudon is welcoming our guests coming to YADOYA. He also introduces rooms that we provide.
(Personally Tanudon recommends dorm rooms.)

At the same time, Tanudon spends time on YADOYA facebook and twitter to see how guests think of him.(Though people seldom talked about him)

Thus, Tanudon ask for a page introducing him on our website.

Tanudon drinks 6 days a week and sleeps 12 hours a day. Sometimes you can see him searching for izakaya and bars near the north exit of Nakano station.
He kindly offered some information of the spots that he frequently visited, which was included in our local map you can download from the homepage.

When he is not drinking or drunk, Tanudon likes to go to Brodway for Anime & Manga(Japanese comics) goods. After that, he usually visits the snack shop at the first floor and the restaurants and bakeries in Nakano Sun mall. On Tuesday, He joins our one coin parties to tastes delicious food cooked by our guests from all over the world

When you come to Tokyo to visit us, don't forget to pay attention on Tanudon's movements in YADOYA. You might find him appearing in places that surprise you in our guesthouse. But don't worry, Tanudon will do his best to make you staying in his house just like in your own places.
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